Show “Mortegriffe”

Many, many years ago, in the deep countryside of the Perche region, lived a witch named “Mortegriffe”. After many gruesome and malevolent deeds, she was burnt and her remains were buried in the forest. Centuries later – in the very same place – a Chapel was built, thus sealing with a sacred tie this makeshift grave. The years went by… After the Second World War, a peasant decided to demolish the Chapel as it was ramshackle and about to collapse… but, by doing so, he also accidentally released the forces of evil! Mortegriffe, once resuscitated from the dead, goes back to the village at the time of her martyrdom and casts a spell on the villagers, who fall asleep forever… All of them indeed, except two young children and one mysterious character who happen to resist the charm. Together, they would travel across time and space and go from one adventure to the next, so to collect all the necessary ingredients to make a potion that would break the curse.

This is a historical and fantastic adventure that will transport the audience into a world of wonders and legends, and make them dream…

Live performance of texts, songs, choreographies, equestrian shows and sword fighting using digital surround sound systems, computer-controlled lights and special effects.

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10 Performance dates in 2016 at Manoir de Courboyer in Nocé (61)

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